23 June 2007

cute guy, skins

My family was dining at Nihon Mura while I saw this handsome little cute guy.

OMG! He is really so shuai lors. I wouldn't go gaga over someone unless he is really... so super handsome!

He was like explaning how we should order our food to us, but I just kept looking at him lahs.

Then, he's asking me.. Understand?? I said yeahs. But actually I don't.

Later when billing, I asked my dad to call him here to bill for us.

He's such a cutie can! Even my parents agreed that he is handsome.

Oh. While i was bending down to complete the lucky draw form,

this cutie walked passed me lahs. And guess what...

I don't know which part of his body accidently touched my bloody ass. Lols.

Wanted to scold like knn ccb actually, but he then turned back and look so embarassed at me,

Arrggghh. Nvm lors. Accidently de mahs. Hahas.
He's my type, Janelle. Let's go there eat some other time.

Many many hunks there. I don't know why.

Food there were super cheap too. Eat till u laosai and its just $37.

I've been learning how to draw sexy eyebrows recently.
Cos drawing eyebrows can make one looks matured (:

I've changed my blogskin. Please tell me is the current skin nicer,
Or the old skin is better??

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