26 June 2007

girls shopping

I've been busy editing my template of my blog the whole night since i'm back.
Had removed the right click unable for my blog, as i know it might be a little troublesome for me to send pics to some of them via MSN,
and when they could actually save it from here as this blog does not give me a pop-up icon to save when mouse were hovered onto the pics.
But but... this does not give you a reason to steal anything here huh!
Not even some html codes, mind you. This is hard work can.

Went to meet the girls out to actually shop for Raynard's birthday present.
But it seems that i can't think of anything to get for him at the moment,
so we girls went on to shop for our own's needs.
Hahas. I don't know what did i spent on, but i've spent $50++ today.
WTF. Got no money to get pressie for Raynard already lahs!

Me & Rachie
Kylie. Janice. Rachael

Things i've bought today:

Black Skinny jeans $28

Big hoop earing, $1
(shared with kylie, she sell me super cheap lahs.)

Black Ribbon necklace, $5

Mommy is nagging me to sleep.
But i'm feeling hungry now. Gonna cook some instant noodle for supper.
Hope i don't get fat cause of suppers.My tummy grews bigger and bigger cause of supper.
Out to Orchard again tml!! *weetssss*

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