27 June 2007

happy bday, Raynard!


Shall grumble more on Yesterday's.
Lessons resumed, and I'm late for school AGAIN.
Winson ponned school for haircut, cut here cut there also the same what. LOLS.

You know what, i flunked my comb.humans lahs.
Didn't sat for SS paper, Only did 1 question for Geog when i'm suppose to do 2.
In the end, result was atrocious. Would have passed if i did question 2.
It was the first time ever i get 8/10 for my map reading. *Claps*
Although many in my class got like only single digit for their paper, it's still not god enough can.

What a geek. Wrote so much.

What The ****

Oh. Did i said i'm going to town today?
Not going anymore, cos Rach woke up late and i'm having dinner with my parents.

Never go out then Raynard's present how?? Hahas.
Smart me, woke up at 9am and decided to HAND-MADE, DIY something for him.

I'm killing time as well as saving money isn't it? Muahahahaha. I ain't dumb afterall.
Hmmms. Shall not revealed what i'm making, if not no surprise le mahs!!
Giving it to him tml. Hope he doesn't say me siao and ask me go one corner relac.
Hahahahahaha! I'm so anxious to see his expression. Must be funny.

I just realised that MY BLOG had earn me some money.
Some, is only some. Pathetic SGD0.45 from ADverlet.

SGD0.21 from AdSense. Cool!

HAHAS! Kind of funny right? But it's a good start!
Money money, i love money.

I'm given 2 projects to be blogged out. I'm too lazy though, chill~

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