31 May 2007

happy birthday to ALVIN~

30th may 2007


yeahs. it was alvin's birthday bbq.
cabbed back from downtown and reach home ard 1plus.
went to 2 diff location n it was freaking $47++ when i alight.
so so shags lahs. we wake up at 7am in the morning lehx.
went entertainment eat breakfast, played pool, head to vivo city n den to downtown east.
ohh yes, i caught tongtong n willis ponning school. naughty couple! hahas.
kinda fun at the chalet lahs. alvin's chalet is like friendster lors.
i saw my friend, rui xing. den janelle saw her pri sch mate.
chong yin and raynard stayed overnight, cos they were so drunk lors.
alvin power lahs. drink so much but nv drunk, just super 'high' only. hahas.

chong yin and raynard were drunk. yes, i sweared they do.
chong yin vomitted like a merlion lahs. non-stop of liquids pouring out.
make everyone so worried. good that u still noe u drank too much.
u lucky i nv kanna rape by banglas lors. say want go back together den in the end PS us.

hell lots of pics...
i've got a video of chong yin and alvin.
but alvin say dun upload to youtube worx. i guess chong yin wouldn't wan too.

the birthday cake
caught laifu, another guy who is same birthday as alvin,
ALVIN snapping pics of his own bday cake!!
that two 30th may babies

he's acting cute. mashimaro!
OMG. they are gays!
chong yin and bday boy.. ya lahs. handsome enuff le lahs.
The guys with birthday boy Alvin.
the girls and birthday boy.

btw, i drank at alvin's chalet again.
2 glasses of whisky, a sip of taquilla and 2 bottle of those 5% alcholic drink.
ya. i've got a baby face, so i couldn't buy those liquor. is Winson who bought it for mi =))

bottoms all up baby!

Mickey, thanks arhx! u're super nice lahs.

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