01 June 2007

happy seventeen to Jerald Dar!

birthday celebration for darling jerald and kaitian!
jer's bday is on 2/6 while kaitian's on 31/5,
so they celebrated together as jer will not be free on his bday.
was supposed the mit my darlingss at 2.30pm.
but i was so so tired, so purposely slept till 1pm den wake up. prepare awhile and yes, im late lors.
basically, its jus some roaming around heeren, dining at pastamania and
slacking at kpool cineleisure. hahas.
ah huat saw me, i saw zimin. so lols.

pictures pictures...

jerald and kaitian

the KAKIS darlingss.. Pastamania

Poolster.. my pool skill sucks

Li juan and Me

Tongtong and Me

Yingxian and Me

that DISGUSTING satay

me with bday boy!

Jerald,dun kiss me lahs! hahaha...

He with his new cardigen!

Hope dar enjoyed! happy 17th bday tml!!

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