14 June 2007


angelynn!! wo tao yan ni lahs!!
u jio us out to drink den in e end PS us.

going to meet chong yin kor and sista janelle!
im so reluctant to go... but...
since janelle say she miss mi damn so lots, ok lahs! i go lors!

go eat eat eat
wanna jio winson along to accompany us den he's with friends not going with us.

just took 2 videos of my GirlGirl while im feeding her and when mama bathing her.
super cute. she look like a lil kid lahs! hahas.
oh.. do expect tons of pics taken later of the day (:

it me 自恋-ing at home, and in mrt station..

Janelle and Janice

steamboat @ bugis

janelle.... rachael...

raynard... chong yin

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