03 June 2007

mood swings

i've got my singtel work tml, and im super duper lazy to go.
my shitty da yi ma came again, and i nid to wear tat white skirt tml.
im so irritated, farkking du lan now.

im really scare i cant wake up tml lors.
alot of ppl not working tml, and tingyuan is not working too.
tat means i cannot afford to be late, or else.. dead.
shit lahs. im too depend on morning calls every morning le =((
suddenly no one wakes me up i can sleep till noon de lors.

chong yin went vivo today and asked me whether im serious abt
wanting the donuts anot.
hahas. of cos im serious. if he's willing to queue for me.
but i wun be seeing him till mon, so.... yeahs. he didnt buy in e end i tink.
cos it would be spoilt by mon. how sad lahs.
but he promised he will get for me before BMC ends. im waiting.

something random.
Pearl VS Fishball

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