25 June 2007



Basically, this post is shortened and with lotsssss of photos.
I meant lots and it really means alot. I took my digi cam out this every single 3 days,
and took a total of freaking 110 PHOTOS!!!

Don't tell me is not alot lors. Nahs. Of cos i'm not loading all of them here.
Only selected ones ya. Hahas! Had a difficult time loading it to blogger again.
But it's ok lahs, just hope my post will be interesting =))


Mum and Dad took off from their work today and went to Raffles Place to settle some thingy.
After that we were like some tourist, snapping pictures all the way while we walked around aimlessly.

Me posing so demurely. Hahas!

Papa & Me. Stamford Raffles VS Zhennie Janice.

My future! (some stranger's car)

Walked into The Arcade, went to had a expensive lunch, and shopped hell lots!!
Out with parents = Shopping Spree! muahahahaha.

The shop is newly open so they were having great discounts.
I bought 6 pieces of tops and bottoms and its only $54 in total.
All their goods were from Taiwan, Korea(saw them exactly the same online)
and some of them i saw selling in other shops at double of the price there.

My Sprees:
Peach tube $5, Bubble short $10

Tube casual dress $10

Inner white top$10, Blue over dress $9

White mini dress $10

Finally i had some matured looking clothes. Dumping all my kiddies soon.

I'm in love with one of the mphosis's handbag. It's selling at $24.90 and i think its reasonable lahs.Getting it when i received my pay. Mummy agrees!

Oh. Hitachi Tower had a salon having sales on hairdos.
Shiseido Japanese Rebonding plus treatment and haircut @ 2 for $200.
Irregardless of hair lengths and guarantee silky straight. Janelle, lets go for it!!

Rushed back for CSS, Shawn is OUT!!!! I can't believe it. He didn't did well today but..
he shouldn't be OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Support Shawn always!!

Me Me Me:

Random: That naked neh neh. LMAO!


It was my last day of work in Singtel as Demo girl. Kind of sad lahs. Guess i'll miss those people lots.
I'll visit you guys whenever i walked passed our booth! Don't miss me lors.
Coop a total of 4 free tees in 3 different designs. Lol.
Last day of work is pretty sad but i seems to have never ending talks with xiaoli, zhixin and peoples.
Guys had Maxim to kill boredness. Shall not say it belongs to who. They do read my blog =P
Oh, i took and look through it too. Hahas.
Girls inside not that sexy afterall, FHM is better. Yaya, i saw it before can.
Uncle Zhixin is bringing me to club, and my mama knows. She allows!
7 July sing Karaoke?? Shall see whether i'm free=))

Aunty Gina and Uncle Dave's BBQ at condo beside Parkway Parade.
Went there in the evening, was super bored.
Other then eat and camwhore, i don't know what else to do.
Can't swim cos i've got my period, can't play the playgrounds cos i wore skirts.
Super bored arhs. Until later of the days then we had more to chat.

Rushed the last train home with Elisa's family, 1 and half hours of rides and we talks endlessly.
Nothing is more interesting then BGR. Hahas.

Before going out:

In the cab:

The amount of people at the bbq:

Sexy legs:

Elisa and Me

Back to the childhood times:

Day turns dark:

The condo

how bored i am

That's about all actually.
I'm so freaking tired out by this entry, it took me 2 damn days!!!!

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