06 June 2007


saw this at janelle's blog and im amused by it.
wad if one day u see limpeh blog until so kanina xia lan..??

the ah-liancified janice. CLICK CLICK!!!

i did something dumb again. hahas.
i've been laughing at myself wif winson for the whole day today.
guess wad. chong yin woke mi up today, n as usual i will yaya papaya wanna wake winson up.
i was so lazy to check my phonebook for his no. lahs.
so i jus scrolled on my recent call list n dial the name Mickey Winson.
but but but... the no. i dialed was his house phone lahs.
his mum listen on the phone den i was nervous. i tot i called the wrong no. or wadever.
den i said "is winson at home?"
hahas. den i laugh at myself for this reason, tat i actually asked whether a person is at home
at early 7am.
his mama replied yes, and there i heard winson shouting "ma, its my call, im listening."
WTH. i super paiseh lehx. heng his mama nv prob much arhx.
no wonder winson calls mi dumb dumb.
i tink im abnormally dumb lahs.

another thing......
finally my hardwork is paid off. i've scored quite ok for my maths paper 1 today.
its a damn damn easy paper, n if i the idoit dumb dumb can do it.
i tink u guys can score full marks. no joke ok. super easy.
lols. got 60/80 for paper 1.
i left 10 marks ques undone and manage to make only 10marks mistake.
hahas. u might think its not tat good afterall, but for mi is a big big encouragement le.
i only pass my maths paper 1 once or twice every year in school.
and is those merely 42 or43 freaking low passing.
yes. the result realli makes mi like maths more.
well, im not boosting or wad. i still haf my paper 2.
AND... paper 2 really kills me. i suck at maths.
got no confidence of passing arhx. cos paper 2 is of standard. difficult level 3.5 upon 5.
jus hope i'll pass overall =))

holiday holiday... science paper on mon and holiday again.

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