28 June 2007


I've got lots to say suddenly. Whatever, those were some random happenings. LOL.

Sometimes its not good to have too much people reading your blog,
you need to be careful of what you are blogging out, and maybe censored out some parts.
Hahas. Nahs, just some crappings.
Readers do continue to visit me here often ya!

What's going wrong with me?! That causes Winson and Kylie to be late too. Cos they waited for me lahs.

Got back my maths paper. Got a whooping A2.
Hahas. People who knows me, laugh bahs! It's funny isn't it? I'm a D7 standard student for god sake.

Now, the climax of this entry. Raynard's handmade pressie.

Look at these materials...

Cloths, Sewing machines, a bag of wools

Let me tell you, I'm making a hp pouch for him!

In the mist of sewing...

Add on the covering strip and the sticky thingy.

And then, the red cute little spongy ball.
To add a little cuteness to it lahs.

Ok, finally DONE!!!

Raynard's hp pouch on the way to school. Hahas!
hp pouch: Bye, owner! I belong's to Raynard's soon.

Hmmms. So what's his reaction upon getting it??
I went like" Don't laugh huh, serious lehs. Cannot laugh ok!" Then he very seriously say okok, he wouldn't laugh.
Upon receiving, he was like... "You do one arhs? Still got one red shiny beetle(he meant the red ball like thingy). Touched touched. I go and keep"
Hahas. Then he kept thanking me for that. Friends what, thanks what thanks.
Well, he should be honoured to receive my first DIY-ed present.

I'm getting my pay for sure, 100% by TOMORROW. Quite a big sum of money.
Hahas. I'm sooooooooo freaking happy lahs.
Looking forward for my bank account to have the digits jumped a few numbers up and few more zeros.
Lol. Joking lahs, got so much then i'll shop till i drop arhs.
Getting of sick and tired with my long curly hair.
Can't stand that fluffy maggi mee which needs to have lots of creams and wax to be applied on every single time after shampooing.
I seriously wanted to do something with it. Missed long sliky hair alot, but it's kind of common having rebonded hair.
Almost 8/10 of the girls had rebonded hair lahs. I don't like to be common.
Haha. I love attentions!
I'll be dye-ing my hair too. Who know's i might come back with a bright pink boyish cut. Ha!
Impossible, my dear. That is too over. Hair is my precious can.
Got very bothered about this issue as i can't really make up my mind on what i'll be doing for my hair.

Alrights. I guess i've grumbled too much and bet you guys are getting freaking bored reading these.
My throats are not getting any better )): Okok.

Nights, people!

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