22 June 2007

virgin experiences

Once again. I'm here to blog (:
Met the fun ones(my bmcian) at Orchard.
It's suppose to be a movie date. And some slackings.
But for me, i have nite appointment with my girls, so PS them halfway.
Hahas. They suggested Shrek 3 but some of us dun really like it lahs.
Tics were selling fast, and so we watched Hot Fuzz instead.
Its NC16 and is an action comedy. It wasn't that great as i thought.
So bloody and ewww. Kind of not funny afterall.
For god sake i'm already 17 lors. That lady at the counter still doubt my IC.
So OMG. I'm not that xiao mei mei can.
Kylie and I sneak in our SUSHISSSS!!! muahahaha. I was so hungry until i was eating
almost everyone's food.

Janelle joined us after our show. They then headed to Marina Square for dinner,
while me and Janelle went to meet those girls, the clubbers.
Went cabbed down to Mohammad Sultan. Went to try our luck at Chunky Monkey,
but we were rejected cos we lied that we didn't bring our ICs.
5 of us were 1990's baby lors. Super underage.
So we went on to Phunk bar . We were too early. So we went to the coffee shop opp
to have our dinner. BA KU TEH!!! Its delicious i swear (:

Oh well. The girls actually had a little problem with their bf on going to clubbing.
I'll have no problems on that, cos i got no bf mahs!
Is that suppose to be lucky or sad?? hmmmms.

Steph super power lahs. She and her girls actually trying to act close with the bouncer
by saying she were there before.. blahs blahs.. and she managed to brought the
whole group of underages in for alcohol. Of cos we did not lied all of us were above 18
as it will be so fake.

We were then discussing who should be the 2 underage girl. Not much probs actually.
Obviously is the kiddy looking me lors, and also another girl. Cos she didn't have much make-ups on.
Nevertheless, we still get to drink alcohols!!! hahas.
I had about 5 cups. Not abit of 'high' at all.

Yeahs. we dance. Or should say we acted like we know how to.
hahas. we ain't clubbers.
Sexy steph is sooooooo SEXY. She dance like nobody's business.
She's abit 'high' i think. Lols.

The boss was kind and friendly. He actually suggested us a better seats and even gave his
number to steph in case any fights around he can ban them.
Oh. He even brought us a jar of PurpleCoke while we were busy dancing.
Boucer there also kept reminding us to take note of our friends in case any of them were
brought away by others. Hahas.

I'm kind of surprised as we does not need to pay even a cent to club.
It's ladies nite, and free flow of drink. Just sign your big name down and you are given a cup.
Cool isn't it? It is a underage club for your info.

I cabbed home. Reached at about 3plus am!

Enough of saying... PICTURES!! Isn't that what you wants??
Sorry for lousy quality pics. I did brought my digi cam along but didn't brought it into the club.
Inside PB
(It looks empty cos we were one of the first few who went in.)
The pole dancing area!!
Bar counter.
Above 18
Sexy steph dancing...
Me! I'm trying very hard to act mature.
In the toilet
Janelle and I
(Ok. I know i look freaking younger here.)
BAH KU TEH's coffee shop
Not much pictures taken actually.

Will be going for a bbq invited by aunt gina and uncle dave tml.
My holiday ended so beautifully (:

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