03 June 2007


yay yay! my co-ordinator for today is Zhi Qiang!
oh yeahs. im super duper happy.
cos he's a nice guy lahs. so i can slack. cos he himself is a slacker.
so relax today lors. we crap quite abit lahs.
im sociable ok. believe me. hahas.

Finally i've got the faces of my colledges...
Sorry, those were all candids. i tink i can be a detective.
nobody caught me snapping pics of them. hahas!
ahhhh. dun scold me pls =((

pic 1: co-ordinator ZhiQiang was on e floor folding the red shirts.
pic2: DJ darren caught sleeping, that tatoo DJ.
pic 3: ME ME ME, UGLY ME

pic 4: xiaoyun(front) and mable(emcee)
pic 5: ZhiQiang and Raymond
pic 6: erms. i dunno wads his name.
pic 7: lady in pink is the dealer
pic 8: edwin!! that lil magician.
pic 9: ZQ and R
pic10: xiaoli

Exam is starting tml. Everyone's mugging hard on their books now.
Good luck to all. Holiday is coming!

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