14 July 2007


Yes, pardon me but i'm just gonna title this post as DESMOND!!!

Hahas. Des, thanks arhs. My leg's muscle is quite firm now. Better then gym sia.

You guys know what, this dumb dumb actually jio us to watch Harry Potter but in
the end wasted almost a day of time walking around Dolby Ghaut and Orchard.
He suggested about that outing like a day before, and planned to meet at 2pm.
When it was 1pm, we called and smsed him to confirm then nobody replied.
Ok, then i found out that he had tuition so i wasn't that pissed afterall.
We conferenced and he die die wanted to watch at town, use ur dummy brain also
know town sure full house lors. It's six of us lehs, not 2 or 3 lors.
We then agreed that we shall meet at 3.15pm. I admit i was the last to confirm with them
but i wasn't the last to reach ok.
I persuade my dad to let me go cos i said we were watching the IN show, Harry Potter. Lols.
By the time everyone reached was about 4pm, and i must be back by 9plus 10pm.
Bought sushi, yakitori and ate on the walk. How pathetic.
We headed down to Plaza Sing, The Cathay & Cineleisure. Available time was after 9.30pm.
Imagine us walking under the hot sun to and fro, hot lehs!!
I kept whining i very hot very hot, then dummy Desmond still ask me not to whine!
Angry lors, i was wearing high heels ok. All Desmond's fault!

Des then suggested that we shall go back to Jurong East or Jurong Point instead.
Say earlier then we jurong area people wouldn't need to travel so far le mahs.

Finally, we gave up hope on Harry Potter. Rach and I bought the Bubble milk tea,
Japanese Ice cream for some chilling. It tasted nice! better then the green tea ones.
Stupid Desmond wanted to go and meet his friends at JE to catch Harry Potter
of cos we don't allow lahs! Grrr.

Decided to go Kbox but it's freaking ex for weekends. Wanted steamboat but the dumbo
ate it the day before. We got like nowhere to go and it was already like 6pm?

Freak lors, waste my day away. If not i can study at home already.
Hahas. Let's not say study, maybe some naps or computing i also shuang lors.

Well, Desmond and Chong Yin will never fails to bully me.
Ya, b-u-l-l-y alright. Made me run like almost 400m lahs. From the mrt station to
level 3 in the shopping mall. I'm not exagerating ok.
We then headed to Marina Square to had our dinner. Hugry hungry,and finally
some rest to my pretty legs. Winson's friend, Hui Bing joined us too.

We walked around Zara and Topshop. Looks like i've been going in these shops
too much nowadays and nothing caught my eyes anymore.
Rach seems like having a crave on Ice creams. She ate like 2 in a day. Hahas.

After that we headed back to our homes, but Chong Yin, Des and I went Jurong Point
instead. No need to say but arcade lahs.
It was like 11plus and we decided to leave. Chong Yin and Desmond then boarded
the same bus as me to send me home. How nice huh. So gentlemen. Lols.

I made them walked home from my block, how bad. Hahas. Thanks anyway guys!
It's always fun time with those jokers.

Desmond! Good news, i'm not angry anymore!


But i still wanna catch my HARRY POTTER!

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