30 July 2007



Had work yesterday & damn it. I'm so pissed off the earlier part of the day.
Atrocious. It was so disorganised & i look such a idoit.
Got scolded like early in the morning by the stupid manager & the stupid girl.
TAMADE, i didn't do anything wrong alright & i'm made so embarrassed!
I scolded them back in a very pissed off manner, i don't care.

WTH, _______, that girl who asked me to work is so irresponsible. I already took the initiative
to ask about the jobscope, who to report to work & my work uniform but none was answered.

Went into the staff room & talk to the manager when i've reached. She asked me why i'm there
& i replied i was called last minute to be there. Then she asked me whether do i know what
i'm suppose to do anot, then i repiled NO, all i know was to promote some kind of cable tv.
She then scolded very loudly that " What's the purpose of you coming when you did not go
for training & don't know anything. Nobody informed me there's a new promoter. I don't
know where she put the shirt. I've got no time to teach you. If you don't know anything i
think you don't need to work."
Stunned. I was thinking, better if you don't want me. Fucking attitude, bitch.

So i called _______ & told her everything, she then came screaming at me saying that i'm not
suppose to say i don't know anything, must say that i know.
I'm so pissed off then, i shouted at her that " i really don't know any product info lors, not as if i
did not ask you & you said you'll come down & teach me, what if i bluff them i know & i happened
to know nothing, so how am i supposed to promote the item? You said people there will give me
my shirt all that but they said they not finding for me how? So will you be coming down later?"
She said YA, i think she got a diarohea, or i hope she gets it that's why i dont see her appearing
that whole day. Damn dulan can, it's the first time i shouted at my employees.
I was given a shirt, changed & stupidly stand at a corner lors. Then a guy walked over &
volunteered to teach me about that stupid Mio TV. Lucky to have him to willing to teach me lahs.
It's like so heart-warming to get help when you're so lost.

Pamela, another promoter of Mio TV is the sweetie that i crap with the whole 9 hours.
We slacked like nobody's business. Each went for lunch break for 1&1/2 hour. & 3-4
10minutes toilet breaks. She said that maybe that girl who work on Saturday ran off from
this sucky job that's why i'm called last minute. HAHA!
I'm not the only one buay tahan k.

Aiya, Mio TV sucks like what lahs, lousy gadget that is slow & retard. Prices are so expensive.
Promoting it saying that it's cheap & better then Starhub making me feel so paiseh!
NO SALES! Partially because i did not bother to jio any. Commission was $1 per mio tv signup,
& you think i'm bothered by that $1?? Nahs, i don't.

Pay was low like $7 an hour & you expect me to stand the whole 9hours at the center front
of the whole Singtel shop advertising Mio TV. Leg can break lors.

Was paid much higher & work was so much enjoying the previous project.
That ______ stupid girl still called me this afternoon & wake me up from my beauty sleep!!!!

Met parents to had dinner,w ent bugis street to help Janelle to get her fake lashes.
Buy 2 get 1 free. Meaning 3 for &7. I think is quite cheap lahs. With crystal somemore.


I'm feeling so tired, so weak, aching all over my body..........
& i think i'm falling ill soon -.-


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