31 July 2007

hapiness in life

Sometimes i have the thought that i'm enjoying life too much!

A little secret to be told, the group of us ponned class today!
Went slacking, arcade-ing & watched ALONE together with my bmcians.
8 of us watched. They damn on de lors. HA!

Tamade! Alone is bloody hell damn friggin' scary lahs! Story line super nice & i bet this shall be the
scariest ghost movie i had seen.
I'll rate it 4.5/5 for scary & 4/5 for the movie. A recommendation for horor movies lovers.
Emo kids can try watching it alone too. I think you'll get more emo after the show. HAHA!
Overall, nice nice!
Even my class guys got scare by the movie, grabbing onto each other somemore, don't tell
me not scare lors.
Desmond was so scare even before the show starts lors, lousy lehs! LOL!

Okok. Took bus 99 home with Win, Des, shan & CY. Backed home & sleep.
Don't want to stay awake cos i'm scare! HA!
Out to meet mummy for dinner & bought alot of stuffs. Sasa is having offers!

My shopping loots...

A : KYLRIE whitening sheet mask $21.90 $10.95
B: BEAUTY FORMULAS treatment wax, Avocado Oil $2.80 $1.45
C: BEAUTY FORMULAS treatment wax, Henna $2.85 $1.45
E: FARMASI face scrub, Apricot $4.90 $1.95
F: BEAUTY FORMULAS face wash $10.90 $5.50
G: CYBER COLOR lash booming waterproof mascara, purple $17.90 $7.90
H: CYBER COLOR watery glossy foundation, ivory $32.90 $12.90

Alot huh?? Spent $57+++ on these. Without offers these might cost me $110++.
All are beauty products. 我真爱美啊!

Got myself a SHOIK! Jurong Point loyalty card. My dad's is personalised but mine is not :(
It's ok. It' has lots of privilleges & i shall use it to collect points the next time i shop.
For god sake i shop at Jurong Point almost everyday =P

Hey Hey, look at this!! Click it!!

I've got the free movie ticket to Rush Hour 3 screening!!

2 ticket lehs!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Smply love Nuffnang lahs, they allows me to earn money through blogging & now a treat to
movie screening.
Heard that many bloggers are invited there too, might get to see xiaxue? & many more...
HA! I'm so so excited ya!

Will be meeting Janelle tomorrow to pass her her fake lashes,
& then meeting bmcians for THE COMDEMNED!!! Happy happy!
Life is great afterall :)
Freak lahs, keep watching movies these days. My pocket burnt a hole liaox.

♥ Nights people,
my tagboard is dying soon!

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