27 July 2007


That was Winson's tic tac & now it shall be mine :)
Ha! I took it from him & forget to return. So its mine now!
The pen & pencil wasn't mine too. It belongs to Kylie.
Well, i went to school without pencil case, thats why.
I'm not so bad lahs, will return to her alright. LOL!

Did i mention before? I HATE DOWNPOURS!
Darn unbrella made me soooo Aunty lahs.

*bad mood*

We're suppose to catch the movie "ALONE" today! But then,..... didn't get to watch in the end.
Ok. Thats the reason i'm sooooooo SIAN lahs. Desmond lors!!!!!!
They're suppose to wait for me after my Biology class then we catch it. Ok lahs,
they are not made to wait lahs, i'm not that big deal & unreasonable k.
I didn't wanna pon lesson at first when Des asked me to, but i really got the strong urge
to run out of the class when Des called. I even like smsed him saying i hate him for
posponing & blahs.. HAHA! It's not that kind of hate lahs, Des will know it. LOL!
Cos i wanna watch "ALONE" so badly can.

Was stopped twice by 2 surveyers today when i was on the way back home.
These people always pop up when people is bad mood.
1 claimed that i look way younger then 17, other 1 thought i'm some rich-man daughter who
does manicures & kept stylish haircut. I just think these people knows honeyed-talks
very well lors. They're so cut of for their job. LOL! Anyway, i painted those nails myself
& rebonding is so so common nowadays can.

I'm like home-alone now. How boring.
Mummy is buying me dinner back. & i'm waiting for my Oyster mee sua.

Some cam-whoring moments in class....

♥ Till then,
hmmms... my tagboard is so quiet huh!!

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