28 July 2007


I received a call from precious Janelle asking me to work as a replacement for a girl!
& that i must rush down to Suntec by cab, best of all, cab fare is waived!
I should be jumping in joy to be asked to work, but i've already promised to go for
the evening event.
AHHHHH! Can i just bang my head onto the wall?? I want money!!!

Oh well, went for a swim & dance reharsal down at Raffles marina Country Club.
HA! Slide was really fun, & the jacuzzi is so relaxing.
We went for a dinner at some thai restuarant. Ordered alot alot of food ok.
Alot means like around 15 dishes for 11 people. Yum Yum.

YAY! Received call from Janelle again that i've got another job lobang.
Working down at Bugis Parco's Singtel Hello! shop. Ok. Pay isn't that high but alright lors.
My manicure cracked due to the swim, so i'm going to repaint it now.
I'm very very tired & got to wake up like 8 in the morning.

I looked so RETARDED in this pic. WTH!

♥ Nights!

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