13 July 2007

tragically black friday

Hi all! Today is Friday the 13th. So it's Black Friday.
Something tragic really happen today.
My class guy got into fight with another class guys.
Each side brought like 10 over people down to fight lahs.
I was with those guys and i must say,
it's my first time seeing such situations.
Didn't get to see them really fight cos we went up to class
and both parties went up to carpark to settle their probs.
The last thing i heard was don't know which side won and
the other class guy was bleeding.
They were having one on one i think.
Childish people, especially guys. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, This is a very important announcement.
I will not be updating my blog so often nowadays. Cos i think i'll be
online lesser. What a tragic.
Due to studies, kind of busy and parent's curfew )):
Well, i will still update alright! Just that not like everyday,
maybe every 2 days.
Don't worry, i wouldn't dissapear just like that ya. Hahas!!!

Do flood my tagboard oh!

In case you guys miss me. Shall post more of my fatass face and long long hair here!!

I just think my new hairstyle look Ah-lianish. Too stylish already. Lols!
Isn't this another tragic? What a tragically day it is.

Seeya people!
With love, Janice~

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