08 July 2007


07-07-07 , 07:07am/pm

A unique number that only happen once every 1000 years.
I'm sure there will be people celebrating for this day.

As for me, i've spent my 07-07-07 with my Uncle and my Singtel collegues to PartyWorld.
10 of us were celebrating Raymond's booking in for NS. HAHAS!
How weird for me to join those guys and sing right, and you must be thinking i'll be such
so shy shy and soesn't sing. Hahas.
Nahs, i clicked well with them lors. Janice is so sociable now ok.
In fact, i sang much more then the guys. Lols. Amazing.

But it's damn awkard when it come to Duet. People will start teasing and grrrr... Paiseh lahs!
Didn't went for the steamboat, cabbed back with Uncle Zhixin to JP and met parents to dine at
Sakae Sushi. Mommy said was to celebrate 07-07-07. Hahas!


I look sluttish here.. Ahhh!

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