19 July 2007

mama&aunt's bday.


I love you <3

Today is special, cos its mama's birthday.
Today is also special, cos parents cabbed me to BMC for this one & only time since i started
school. Hahas. Went out with parents and had mcd before going for lesson.
I reached school like freaking early..? Alvin & Jonathan saw my parents. Lols.

Was bullied by chongyin again lahs.
Play play play. Tripped me & fall in the middle of nowhere lors. Damn paiseh arhs!
Ha! Yeahs, fall alright. What a weak leg i have!

Anyway, they watched Harry Potter without me. How bad lors! PS me, wth.
It's not their fault actually, i went to meet my parents at Plaza Singapura mahs,
bought a cake from Bangawan Solo & headed to Pizza hut.
Ahhh. I think i kind of spoil mood lahs. Didn't ate much of the pizza, even
mama's cake. Really feeling very full. Stomach was damn bloated like big balloon.

The pizza hut's crew is really good. They knew it was my mama's birthday,
& they actually played birthday song & some of the waitress came over to wish mama
happy birthday. Oh, they even bring on a small ice cream treat with candle lighted
for mummy. Cool right?
We took some pictures of cos. Shall blog it up when i'm online again k.

I seriously don't know what else can i do other then snapping pictures
of myself. Ahha!
Lucky there's this smart creator to create cameras. If not my next hobby would
be things like digging golds from my nose, picking on dead skins, blahs blahs..
Ok. I know i'm disgusting.
Don't say i didn't warn you, i've gotten all my act cute pics here..
It is more disgusting then anything else!

I think i better stop acting cute. Or else Xiaxue's next featured '7 top disgusting bloggers'
would be me.
HAHAS! Think too much le.

Till then, i'm gonna catch my beauty sleep.
Good nites!

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