01 July 2007

movie outing

Updates for Saturday...

BMCians had outings again!! This time round we had Chong Yin's gf and his friend along too.
I was the latest to reach JE and everyone waited for me. Well,thats me.
W smsed me and asked me whether i'm going for that movie while i was on my way.
He was sick and wanted to rest at home, but was bugged down by
Rach to come together.

We then headed down to Marina Square, bought the movie tics and
went to had our lunch.
CY's gf had i ate at home so we didn't eat ya. Helped W buy barley
drink in the end half gone to me and Kylie's stomach.
W let me taste his spaggheti and it taste really nice.
So i coop his plate and ate. Wth, he is sick and i still share food with him.
Baddie him kept sneezing at me, wanted to pass his virus to me.
Hey hey, i'm not so weak ok. Hahas. I am actually -.-

Kylie,Rach and I bought ice-creams! Yum yum.
I bought single scoop of Strawberry&Blueberry. They said mine taste the best.

After ice-creams, Chong Yin's peeps went to play pool, and we sat there and slack.
W then use the rubber band and started shooting me.
W is a SM. He loves seeing me in pain. I must beware. Hahas! Jk!
We girls went to the toilet, while guys were outside waiting.
I don't know why but there's a long queue. So we went powdering ourselves instead.
I didn't managed to snap pictures and my bag was with W! Arrrggghh.
Kylie took this pic of me.
I hate her hp,i always look hideous in her hp.)

I know we took super long in the toilet, until the guys started to grumble.Hahas.

Went to watch TRANSFORMERS!!! Ok lahs, I did doze off for bout 5mins at the
last part of the show.
So freaking paiseh lahs,
W saw me sleeping and was scared by the sound effect.
Hahas. 偷看我,要死啊!
Basically, it's a very boyish show and is very robotic kind of show.
The sound effect is roaring, and the firings is super glaring. It tires my eyes out watching the show.
It is a freaking long movie! 2hrs 15mins excluding the commercials in front.
Imagine you'll be sitting at the sit for 2 and half hours! My butts hurts lahs. Lol!
Bought nachos and shared with Kylie, but the movie haven't even started, we had finish it all.
So we asked W to help us go out and buy another box of nachos =P
W is my 男佣
cum personal nurse mahs. Hahas!

Took these pics inside the cinema. Saw how robotic the movie is!

I'll rate is at 4/5!! Cute and Nice movie afterall.

Tickets for 11 of us...

Kylie left during the half of the show cos she bluff her cousin she was going to the library.
After movie we decided to head to Esplanade for some slackings.
We girls then went hunting for toilets lahs. One thing i hate being
girls is, toilet is forever longggg queue.
We went to 3 different toilet and still couldn't get ourselves done.

Then we went to the street hawker and take away food to eat at Esplanade.
The guys bought rice, while girls bought chicken wings. The sell chicken de uncle sibei guai lan lahs.
TMD. He sibei act lors. We still deciding what to buy then he like so pissed off.
When W wanted to tell him our order he call us to wait say he not free. Damn him man.

We settle our dinners!!!
Ah nard is forever tico looking. LMAO.

Remember I said we watched Transformers..? So we are given a pack of card stuffs when we bought the tics.
Des is creating the transformer!

Done!!!! I know the 100plus can is super extra.
W just wants it there.

Des die die wants me to take this pic.
Ok lors, i take lahs. Happy?

We left at bout 11plus as i kept grumbling its getting late.
Rushed to catch the train and headed back.
Des you don't look 17 either 18 lahs. Chao lao! Hahas.
W and i was playing with the handle and i managed to knock his head with it.
I'm also a SM. Seeing people in pain i'll be super high. HAHAS!
Funny things always happened to me.
I was infront of W while tapping our ez links, so by right i should
be the one tapping first isn't it..?
W then went to tap before i tap, am i that short that he can't see me??
I was shocked at that moment so i just push W over the gate, then i tapped. Hahas.
We were laughing like mad lahs, cos he was shocked by me pushing him too.

It's like 11.50pm and Des wants W to send me home,
even if W don't i'll still insist he must.
Hahas. I am demanding, or should say thats the tradition.
Don't allow him to go for supper cos he's sick. Guess he did went too.
I banged onto W like twice in the bus. Uncle drive very violently lors.
Reached home was already 12.15am. Heng parents not back yet.

I neeeddddd moneeyyyy noww nowww nowwww!!!!

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