15 July 2007


I've started to like my hair even more and more.
Made me perfectly a camwhoring freak. Hahas!

Dine out at Fish & Co. with my parents today. I went to my sunday workplace and
visit my staffs. They were kind of surprise lahs. Nahs. I'm not there to work alright.
Sad to say, but I'm out of job =((

Ocean seafood platter for 2. (mom&dad's)

My half-eaten fish and chips.

Daddy very on lors. I suggested we shall have a game on a pool table
and we headed to Kpool. But then it was all guys and bengs inside lahs.
The moment i went it they were like eyes kept 'diaoing' at me.
Fcuk lahs. I'm not lian lors.
Oh oh, i saw Adriano! Yes, the css1's Adriano. He is like so cute.
He was infront of the lift and i actually press close and the door just close infront
of him. He looked at me so blury but i didn't open the door for him. lols!

Daddy bought mummy SK jewelry's diamond pandant for her birthday present.
Mummy asked Daddy to get me one too. Hmmms. She must be darn happy i guess.
No wonder she didn't scold me for using the com now. Lols.

I kept bumping onto Weijie, Nicholas nowadays. Worst still,
i saw Shenglong. Hahas! They recognised me in rebonded hair. Meaning i still
look the same with perm and without. Sian lahs!

Keep the tagboard flooding people~

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