23 July 2007

photos on mummy's birthday

Above is video taken on Mama's birthday!

So this is the long awaited pictures taken on mummy's birthday.
It has been belated for like 4 days? Ha!
Sorry if the quantity is low, it took me freaking hours to post them to blogger ok.
& i only post those i'm alright looking, those hideous one were not to be seen ya. Haha!

Come to think I do look like my mummy huh??

Mummy arranging the candles.

Me wanted to take pictures so much. Ha!

The fruity cake


The couple that brought me to Earth.

Bad Papa took these hideous pictures of Mummy. Lol


The ice-cream treat by Pizza Hut


That's all folks. I've posted the steamboat video too.
It's below this post!

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