22 July 2007

prashan's celebration & Sentosa tour

Attention!! I'll combine Yesterday's & Today's post together!!!

22-07-2007, Sunday

Good question asked, "Why you girls like to blog so much?"
This sentence is often heard by guys, i don't know heard this how many times lors.
Hahas. Well... simply because, we are girls!
& girls have more feelings & will tend to drop them down somewhere.
& there comes the blog. Ha!

Okok. Went steamboat-ing with my bmcian to celebrate Prashan's belated 18th birthday.
We ate at Marina Bay's Zheng Fa.
Ok lors. I'm like eating the most all the way lahs. Desmond say i eat non stop.
Hahas. I busy cooking k, he just coincidentally caught me when i'm eating mahs.
I'm still not full lors. Ah. Whatever.
The guys drank beer. Yucks, smelly smelly beer. Lols.
I didn't drink lahs! Don't like beer. But i miss playing 5,10. Hahas.

Backed home at about 10plus. Kind of early, & it's rare to be back so early when out
with those guys. Lol.
Didn't took much picture. Took a video, but i can't seem to find the file! Arrrggghhh.
Des sort of taking candids of either me or Winwin, so yeahs, i took revenge.
Snap snap snap. Ha!

Des & that hungry Alvin

Them again..

Eeeyer! Acting cute!





I saw someone i doesn't feel like seeing while i'm back home in the bus. RAHS!
Spoilt my mood arhs.

21-07-2007, Saturday

Basically, its a trip to Sentosa with my parents. Ha!
Not there for beach-ing or what lors, simply just tour around the whole Sentosa.
Bo liao huh? I also thing so. I'm too bored, so i'm like pestering them to go
Vivo city to shop instead.

I've got myself quite alot. Bought a GUESS wallet. It's GUESS ok. Lol.
$47.95 after discount. Yay yay! I'm so happy alright.
Bought 2 sleeveless top from G2000. Sale like what cheap thing lors.
1 for $10, bought 2. 1 blue 1 black.

Come to thing i've got alot alot & alot of those tanks & sleeveless tops arhs.
Later people thought i never change clothe. Hahas!
Bought lots of junk food from Cold Storage too. If you notice, all from Meiji.

Picture time!!

I'm so tired now. Off to my lala land soon.

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