20 July 2007

rain rain spoilt my day =((

Rain rain. I hate & love you.
Please don't come when i'm out, & please come when i'm on the bed. Ha!

It rains when i'm on my way to school. It rains again when i'm back from school.
Arrrrggghh. I don't like rainwater on my head. My precious hair is clean ok.
Oh, i may sound gu niang & i wouldn't melt either. Just don't like lors. Lols.

Okok. Reached class kind of early, but we're still late. Ha!
I did pay attention like almost the whole day, amazing. Good start ya.
Suppose the go for steamboat today but it got postponed to sunday.
Not sure whether i'm going or not.

Some pictures...

Saw the contrast between Me with fringe & Me without fringe.

Kylie & I(smile without teeth)

It's us again. (smile with teeth)

I wore suspenders to school. Ha!

I'm like such a emo kid lahs. Was alone for practical & biology. Sadded.
Went to 7eleven grabbed mashed potato & hotties for lunch.
Was raining damn heavily when i'm released lahs. It's like pouring cats & dogs.
Attempt to run over the traffic light but the road is flooded with puddle of mud water.
I wouldn't be that fumb to run over & splash myself with mud lors. HAHA!
Alright, i shop around entertainment & bought these. It cost me 13bucks.
I know i shouldn't be spending but its for my hair's good & wet tissue is daily needs.

TEMPTATIONS!!!! I walked into pizza hut. Kind of funny to actually go in alone.
I still lied to the waitress that "table for 2, i'm waiting for the other."
HAHA. Laugh all you want, i don't care. Very paiseh to say table for 1 right..?
Well, take it as the other 1 put me aeroplane den i eat alone lors. Cannot mehs..?
Pizza spent me 9plus again. NETS NETS NETS. I can't see the money, so.... forget it lahs.

Seriously it's very emo to eat alone ok. Especially it's raining outside & you're thinking
whether when can you get home. It's feeling so not good. Will tend to think alot more.
Got Winwin to sms chat while eating to not get so emo ya. Lols.

Emo. I'm so damn emo today. Did something very abnormal.
Went shopping & eat all alone. That's not something Janice will do ok.
I often think that is to emo to lonely & it doesn't happen to me before. Ha!
Well, I just got to grow up right.

Had my nails self-painted.
Black based. BLACK! Emo colour, with glitter at the tip & nail sticker.
It looks kind of oriental lahs! HAHA! Just realised it's super cheena looking design on my fingers.

Some rantssss...

Yingxian got a job for me, be flyer girl for sk jewely? lols. Nahs, i rejected.
Chongyin called me & inform me something. Shall keep a look out.

& also this motherfucker whose name is called SAMSON, don't think you'll
get to see this but i'm just gonna blog it out. You fucking hell
is a horny bastard. You're just a fucker who wants my number &
what's next, to date me out? Said you're interested in me when merely msned me minutes
ago & when you only saw my pics, so what if i'm a fugly ugly 50 years old obasan? Will
you still be interested? Ha!
You think i'm that gullible to give you my number? Fuck off lors.
I refused to give my number & the next thing he said is BYE.
Lols. I'll let him BYE FOREVER. I've blocked & deleted ya alright.

Nahs, i'm not abit of angry at all. This happens almost everytime in my msn.

So i'm gonna say something to another important person. I don't mind if it's not been seen.
This is not related to above anyway.

"Specially delicated" to 5366:
Hey you fucker, indeed you are a fucker alright.
For god-sake you think who you are for people to get crazy over ya, oh pls, i'm not
a tiny weeny thinks that you're that charming ok. You made people to grew feelings for
you, & get everything from her, had all fun & left her for her own. It's already so wrong
to started all this without any status & u bloody hell just treated her as a replacement.
Its very very very very damn wrong to do this to both of them alright. It's just not right.
You want which? Or you wanted both? Or you need one for spare tyre? Ha!
I'm glad that both leave you! To think you could treat that you're so guilty & so
remorseful for leaving. I bet you just got no guts to face her again bahs.
You're a loser if you look up for her again. Once bitten twice still not shy? You better
leave far far away alright. Stop all your nonsense & get a life.
She has moved on, so should you.

I know i'm a nobody but i guess i'm allowed to speak ya. Whatever, call a busy body.
At least i did not name out names ok...
yeahs. I'm done.

Nights, people!

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