03 July 2007

shopping queensss

Shopping theraphy!

OMG! I love sales and I hate sales! So contridicting right?
Alright, I love sales becos i can get real cheap branded stuffs.
People who know me should know that Janice wouldn't walk into Mango, Zara, Guess, Topshop... on one fine day.
I hate sales simply becos almost all items are left with sizes like M or L,
and yeahs, Janice only can fit into S ya. Ha!
Btw, my shopping tai-tais are Janelle and Amelin.

Met chong yin on the train while i was on the way to meet Janelle at Clementi to get her brows shaped.
Those peeps were going out and they didn't speak bout it to me -.- Nvm, i rather go shopping.
Went to atm machine to collect some cash out, and i was sooooo happy.
Cos my bank in now filled with money. Muahahaha. Took out 100bucks for my spree!
We then cabbed down to Vivo and started our spree.

In the cab...

Walked into Mango but there was nothing that could catch my eyes. So we went Zara instead.
Haha! i kind of love ZARA! Bought a grey jacket there. I like it alot, even Janelle and Amelin too.

In the fitting room...

Inside Pull&Bear's fitting room...

Oh, we went into GAP and look for Nicky. Hahas.
The handsome dude is my sitting partner when i'm sec4.
After that we rushed down to town and meet Amelin the pretty babe!

We are camwhorers...

Met the pretty and had our late lunch at Yoshinoya.
We then headed Heeren cos she wanna buy her Everlast shoe.
Then to Guess. Might get a wallet from there =))

In taka's Topshop

Amelin left earlier as she feels tired. So Janelle and I went to our last location of the day,
Wheelocks' Zara.
Hahas. Zara, Zara and Zara

I like the material of this tube. Nice? It's M size btw.

Janelle is caught in between this cute green and yellow sweater.
I like it too. I tried it on, but is very not Janice.

Janelle then went to meet her mum while me the loner goes back alone.
I'm so tired out and i stand all the way to Boon Lay. I dozed off while standing.
Hahas. I know i look very ugly that way.

Went to meet parents at Jurong Point and my mummy is holding on to big and small bags.
Got 2 pieces at This Fashion but i personally think it doesn't look like lahs.

Oh well, lets see the outcome of my spree.

Vivo's ZARA, up$75 now$39.90

Pull and Bear, up$15 now$9.90

Taka's Topshop, $19

JP's This Fashion, $8

JP's This Fashion, up$34 now$15

LOLS. Alot isn't it? But thats not the end.
Guess wallet, m(phosis handbag, Zara pink jacket, Rebonding+haircut+dye... that's about all!

Shall end this post with 2 of my pics.
I didn't photoshop anything ok. Just purely edited the brightness.

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