08 July 2007

Singtel Work

Hahas! I'm back to work today!

I was just replacing Qing Long, as he was unable to make it for work.
Uncle Zhixin is working and since i'm free so don't mind helping lors. Extra income too. Hahas.
I'm not a demo girl anymore, this time round i'm wearing the red singtel shirt just like the others, doing registrations for customers.
Now then i know it's not easy doing admin stuffs, you need to be fast and calm under stress.
The laptops were damn slow and soon the no. of cards need to be registered was accumulated to 13. And i've calculated each cards takes about 5 mins. 13x5= exceed an hour
Imagine they need to wait approx. 1 hour for their cards!
Stupid bangala like to say i Ali Baba them(jumped their queue). Fcuk off lors. I NV! Dulan arhs.

Dumbo me forgotten to return Uncle Zhixin for lunch and bubble tea.
How bad -.- Tsk tsk.

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