05 July 2007

student life

I wore my new ZARA jacket to class today!
Shuang arhs! Hahahahahahahaha. Pardon me for such a kuku.
As usual i'm late for class and i was also the one who smsed people not to be late.
Oh gosh, too rushed and i didn't put on any make up. Super ugly looking.

Got nothing to do and i took pictures of the class while teacher is teaching.
I'm a bad girl.

Our messy table..
Sweets, tibits and handphones.

Desmond don't scold me, Kylie took this pic de!

So hardworking mehs??

Raynard caught in action.

Study lahs Winson, don't act cool lors.

OMFG. I look hideous lahs!

Edited using hp. I'm straight ok.

Didn't dine out cos my mum cooked dinner. Accompany the guy, chong yin, winson and
desmond to walk around JP.
Their walk walk in the end became arcading and i happened to saw one of my ah beng primary
schoolmate, so decided to went Missha to get my nail polish.

Desmond desmond desmond desmond u sux!!!
HAHAHA. Just jk lahs!
Oh. I justwanna agitate you. *Peace*

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