26 July 2007

The things I do for free tickets

OMG! I'm like polluting my beautiful blog by putting up my "wonderful voice".
Grrr. I swear i'll bang my head to the wall if i did that again.

Wow! Anyway, i've just received information from Nuffnang saying that there
will be 200 tickets to Rush Hour 3 free screening for Nuffnangers. Ha!
But criteria is to blog out a post of "The things I do for free tickets"

Cool isn't it?? Also say is only 200 lucky ones already, i got not much
hope de lahs. The free screening is on 9 August, National Day alright.
Ha! For your info, this post is kind of a random ok.

Hmmmms. I guess if there were to have free tickets, i'll sure be the kiasu
ones rushing to grab one lahs! No matter what the criteria i'll sure try
de lors. Free lehs, who don't want. Ha!

I've already planned what to wear on national day. & of cos it would stick
to the theme Red & White & also some glitters to represent the stars! I've already
thought of what design to paint on my nails. Haha! I'm like such a loyal citizen lahs.

Movie movie, the first thing i think of is... Friends! Nachos with extra cheese!
Coke! Mixed sweet & salty Popcorns! Jacket! Erms...That's all!
Siao lahs, watch one movie must think of so many things, actually not siao at
all lors.

You see, who will go watch a movie alone? Unless maybe when i get ditched. Ha!
Nachos extra cheesssssee is a MUST ok! My friends know i'm a cheese fanatic.
Coke, don't tell me you don't get thirsty during the show? But seriously i can't & most
of the time i don't finish the whole cup of coke. I'll like merely touched 1/4 of the cup. Ha!
Popcorns is a standby as i do get bored after munching the nachos ya.
Oh, i don't really like popcorns actually.
Jacket is important cos i'm a weakling. Lol. In case i feel cold lahs. I'll bring a jacket
with me everytime i catch a movie lors, its kind of troublesome i know so i'll try to
wear a longsleeve instead.

Gosh! i've blogged like so many rubbish but not abit relevant to the
topic at all. HAHA!
By the way, Rush Hour 3 will be out when arhs?? I wanna watch lehs!
Even if i don't get the free screening i'll still watch it ok. Saw the advertisement,
is kind of interesting.

*Yawn* Janice, your entry is soooo boring that i'm half asleep already.
Haha! Okok. My eyes are half closed too.



Hey people! I've got something to show you.
It's the new movie that i'm casting. Acting as a female lead ok!
Took my photo shot for the poster like today??


Sorry if i've scare you. Okok. I lied -.- I didn't act on any movie lahs!


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