18 July 2007


Macdonald big breakfast, I'm craving for u!
Suddenly felt like eating big breakfast, so just went down to Gek Poh and get myself breakfast.
Thanks to stupid flu, i woke up at 6plus am this morning.
Went out at 9.37am and backed at 9.54am. Fast huh? Hahas.

Big Breakfast


You must be thinking breakfast also need to take pic, siao eh. Lols.

Janelle called mi last night, got new job intro.
Some kind of demo girl or show girl kind of thing. Just for 2 pathetic weekend.
I am tiny weeny interested in it but they still need to pick their girls lors.
Haven't actually submitted my pics, sure no hope de lahs.

I just want to say, Janice is real bored.
Don't know why but pimples kept popping up nowadays. Arrrggghh. UGLY!
Shall stop eating heaty stuffs these few days. No temptations pls.
Tml is Mommy's birthday and we are celebrating with her twin sis tonight.
Will definitely bring back tons of camwhoring pics ya. Hahas.

My flabby cheeks
(that's not the point, saw those cute lil ones? fcuk those pimples.)

Munching on my Hashbrown. Back to my lala land soon =))
Seriously, i miss blogging!

Bought this online at Paper Girl Shop
tell me whether it's nice!

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