07 July 2007


Ytd was a long long day for me.
Had steamboat with 10 peoples and we hang out super late.
Slept at bout god damn 2plus am last night, and woke up at 6plus together with my parents.
Watched Spider Lilies 刺青 on CrunchyRoll. It's nothing actually,
shouldn't be R21 can, i think i saw something more violent and it's only rated M18.

Ok. I'm friggin tired now, lack of sleeps!! Updates for ytd's will be posted up asap ya.
Taken alots of pictures and i need to collect some from some of the others.

One fcuking bad news, my hp broke down!!!
Fcuk sia. I can't take new pics, and my inbox doesn't allow me to see my messages.
That means i must reply the message as the message comes in and i must remember them clearly,
or else i got no second glance for it. Stupid right?!
Damn my fcuking hp lahs. Feel like banging my head onto the wall.
Will be going out later with uncle Zhixin, to partyworld and sing!

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