11 August 2007


I'm so pleased with my french mani. It's all done by myself. Nice!

Didn't had a good night cos of all the calls. BAHHSS!
Seriously, i dread to work. My pretty legs gonna break soon.
Work was 4pm till 9pm. Supossingly at Vivo city, but demanding me insist to work at Bugis,
if not i don't work! HAHA.

Went out of my house slightly earlier & headed to Bugid street to look for Chris.
Slacked at his shop for awhile & off for work. Back to him again after work.
Super shag arhs!
I hate to work! How i wish i could be some rich 'tai-tais'. LV, Gucci, Chanel..... HA!

I love the way i draw today's eye-liner! Super chio. Took a whole 20mins to draw them.
He touched my face & went like... "Wah! So powdery!"
The 2nd time he touch & i went... "Your hand kanna my lipgloss liaox."
HAHA! NO pinkish blusher, NO eyeshadow alright. Just purely thick powder on!

Snapped pics through the fitting room miror. I'm just too bored.

Caught him behind me!

Till then!
Damn it! But i miss him.

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