19 August 2007

fireworks madness

I think i'm mad,
or simply too free.

I actually went to watch the fireworks for both Friday & Saturday.
That's so crazy, but i just got to say both day's fireworks were superb!
Marvelous! Fabulous! ... blahs blahs & there comes all the bombastic words.

bomb bomb bomb... FIREWORKS!

Day 1's fireworks was choreographed by Spain(i think). Went there with parents & yingxian, but
we separated cos she's gonna wait for her friend before proceding there. While my parents are so
super kiasu one lahs. We were outside Esplanade, got a lousy view lahs, like above us were all trees!
Some parts were blocked lors. =((
I love the part where the fireworks came from the center of the sea, it really look as if it just
burn out from the water. HA!
The heart shape ones is sooooo romantic!

Day 2's firework was choreographed by China! Hahas. Amazing lahs.
I feel like laughing cos it reminds me of the group of china workers in the MRT train.
Oh well, Des, Win & I boarded a 'spoilt' train while on the way there.
Not say spoilt lahs, but just stopped at the track for about 10mins at 10 or 20meters away Boon Lay.
So it send us back to Boon Lay & we got to board onto another train lahs. Waste my time! Grrr.

The 6 of us (Me, Desmond, Winson, Kylie, Rachael, Raynard) went for the fireworks.
We got a super good view ytd. It was too good to complaint lahs. We were not blocked, unless there's
buses stopping for traffic lights. Cos we were standing at the pathway beside the road.
Waiting for the fireworks is kind of a hell time. Leg achings, hot, & because needed to stand & wait, i
grumbled. Haha.
So i decided to camwhore, hoping that self entertains could kill some time =))

Look at us! How enthu lors!

This is Raynard! Obviously he used my hp & self pic huh.

I look darn happy, i don't know why.
(look what's behind us. Hohoho!)

Oh look! I caught them hugging=P
Me, me!

Hey hey! Day 2's firework is super nice ok! I like the flower figure, the one that looks like some bees
flying around, the super colourful ones. Nice!

Anyway, i clipped my hair into a very outrageous hairstyle. Winwin says it was stylish.

I've recorded almost the full version of the fireworks for both days.
Still thinking whether to load them. I'm super lazy. HAHA.

Mum & Dad was out last night, & i got no keys. So Des & Win got to accompany me to Gek Poh for
some chilling before my mum reached home.
Des ate while Win & I played the bluetooth tennis game. & I won!
Winwin send me home, like till my 8th floor's lift door cos i'm so bloody scare lahs.
I hate the eerie feelings!
Oh, i reminded them to pee before they slept too! hor Desmond?? HAHA.

Goodnight folks!

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