31 August 2007

heavily bullied

A huge red mark on my hand.
It's still there!

Supposingly to go back pioneer for some visitings,
buttttttt, heard that the freaking school need us (the graduates) to write
an email few days before, get us a confirmation before we could go down.
What is this freaking nonsense man.

Went to help my parents pay bills & i ended up being late for chem class,
so decided to had lunch at LJS. I ate super lots, spending like 8plus dollars
at LJS alone. OMG.
Then just as we reached class, received info that bio class has cancelled.

Well, i didn't proceed to practical anyway.
Crapped, or should say got bullied by Chong Yinn & Raynard.
They played with my shoes & put it high above the windows.

That is Raynard, Lao Bird.

Actually they intend to open the window & put my shoes outside.
But then,...............

Chong Yinn's hand kanna electric shocked!
Omg. The current is strong till we actually can hear the "Tra.. Trat" sound.
He was moaning in pain lahs. HAHA.

The big bully Chong Yinn who never fails to bully me,
&& always claimed that i don't treat him as friend -.-

He really never fails to bully me, i'm always in pain becos of him.
Ok, don't think the wrong way people.

By the way, this is a masterpiece by Raynard the old freaking bird.
He did this to my hand! Was playing with rubber band & he accidentally
released the strongly stretched band & there goes my pathetic hand.

I swear it looks 5times redder in real man.

My maths teacher gave us this yesterday,
"Have a break, Have a KitKat"

So he was trying to tell us to have a break lahs??
That's good, i seriously need a break!

Oh, that makes me think of something,
if a bf/gf wants a breakup, he/she can give their partner a KitKat,
cos Have a break, Have a KitKat mahs!
No lahs, joking!

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