05 August 2007

hello! camwhorers

Hi, i'm just back from my work.
At Singtel Hello! shop lahs, work as the stupid Mio Tv promoter.
Which outlet? It's for you to find out. LOL!
Ok. That guy is so pervertic. I'm scare!
Work was tiring but still not bad. Got pathetic 3 or 4 sales only.
It's better then none & i don't get my comission. WTH!

Janelle came down to my place together with Jinman.
Sad to say i noticed Jinman first, & the surprise is not surprising anymore.
Alright, i'm still feeling happy though. They waited for me to end my work & had dinner
together at Pasta Mania. How sweet are they!

We took neoprint, it has been 2435162 years since i last took neos lahs.
Ok, maybe about few months. Love it!
We slacked at LJS.. & camwhored. HAHA!

We took a total of... 100++++ pictures together.
Super retarded ones too. I'm still receiving those pictures.
Shall post it up after my work tml.
DO CHECK IT OUT ON MONDAY! I assure you to see the sexiest Janice!
Yes, 100% chop stamp guarantee!

My workplace is giving out these free treats of Tommy jelly beans to small childrens.
Super nice lahs. I grabbed 2, 1 for me & 1 for precious.
It's free! Can you believe it..?

Singtel's sweet treats

The stupid shirt i need to wear.

Ugly lors!

The pink thingy is not bra lahs, my t-shirt ok.

Purple mascara

My Mio partner, Pamela

Pam & Jan the slacker.!

DO STAY TUNED FOR THOSE 156328959 photos of 3 CHIOBUS!

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