22 August 2007

random in lifes

I was woke up by my mummy's friend's call this morning at 7plus.
Kind of rare for people to call this early huh.
Well, i'm like darn sleepy but didn't dare to go back to sleep, cos i scare lahs!
LOL. So i on the tv & watched 早安你好.
Keely & Shawn were on the tv for some reasons to join in for the talk.. blahs blahs..
& guess what, i saw the daughter of that particular mummy's friend who called earlier on on tv too.
Just a glace only lahs, but i recognised her though.
Hmmmms. That's makes me think that she wakes me or rather wanted my family to wakes up,
so by some chance we will switched on the tv & saw her daughter.
Tsk tsk. Buay tahan this kind of people lehs. Anderson JC big deal huh -. -

I know the pic quality sucks here. Pardon me, cos i snapped these directly on tv by my hp cam.
OMG. Pretty keely & Cute shawn.

&&& i saw him! my primary school mate, he was a prefect then too!
woohoo* AJC again.

Wakakakaka. I think the person who sms me or rather the one who passed my number saw my blog.
Perharps, i think he is damn so malu now & has stop contacting me. That's great!
HAHA. Janice is so nasty. Who cares?

Look at this!
My recent loves...Mummy got me this, 2gb MP4 with extendable memory.
& maybelline's angelfit powder.

This is not ipod lahs. But frankly speaking i think the creator wants to imitate ipod.
It somehow resembles ipod right? BAHSSS. I look so cheapo now, with people thinking i'm
using chiong goods. Ha!

She's been super good in terms of letting me buy what i want. No need to think one lehs,
i say i bring her go see, chosed the cheapest one & asked for her opinion, then she say cheapest
not good, want buy buy good one. Gave me the cash & bought.
LOL. So good right??
But the price i gotta pay is, to mug like a nerd. Strictly 1hr usage of com at most in the night.
NO phone calls(not even 1 a day). NO smsing(yes, how to live not smsing?).
FYI, i replies smses in the toilet.
I guess my parents will think i had some bladder problem to run for toilet so many freaking times.

Woohoooo* Some of my buddies taking O's english oral today,tml & fri!
I'm actually feeling more nervous then them, luckily i'm not involve.
Good luck buddies!

Yawn* I go orh orh again k?? =))
Btw, my company paid me already! So i'm able to slash my Nets card all i want again.

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