30 August 2007



[in class...]

stanley: linlin(霖霖)! linlin(霖霖)! linlin(霖霖)!
me: ling-ling(玲玲) lahs!
stanley: linlin(霖霖)! linlin(霖霖)! linlin(霖霖)!
chong yin: zhen lin (贞霖)! zhen lin(贞霖)!
your mother cute arhs, want you to be very true.

It has been almost a year since people called me linlin! Times in pioneer my kakis
will call me linlin.

吴贞霖 is my full name, & i think it sucks alright. I think my mum should consider
changing the whole set of my name. But too bad we can't cos this is my 2nd name!
When i am 1week to 1year old, i am called 吴伟伟. Damn shit, friggin' boy-ish name.
It's supposed to be 微微 but my dad don't know how to write, so write 伟伟. HA!

Basically, i've personalised my own name.
My mum calls me Janice but she doesn' want to add into my IC. So i called myself Janice
instead of Zhen Lin anymore.
I don't like my 贞 cos it's the 贞子sadako's name. Eerie.
霖 is pronounce as lin & i preferred it to be 玲 ling. Sounds nicer mahs.


Tell you a secret & it's supposed to be a secret.
Only Chong yin & Kylie knows about it. But i decided to say it out......
i didn't bathe! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
I'm serious, cos they was like digging me out of my bed, wanting me to meet them
asap, but i said i need time to prepare & chongyin asked me don't bathe.
So i never bathe lahs, so cold somemore. LOL.
Not smelly at all ok, just merely bathe like 14 hours ago before i slept? xD

Anyway, i watched Dead Silence already.
It resembles Chucky lahs. Scary scences are those when Mary Shaw came out &
the dead bodies of the deads. Other than that was ok lors.
Kylie was hiding her head in her legs, i was covering my hands on my face & Des
grabbed onto his bag lahs. HAHA.
Story lines are good bbbuuuuuttttt, must pay attention to the show if not you'll be
very blur.

Went Bugis St with Kylie after movie, took the same train with Desmond as he was heading
Lavender. I bought nothing at Bugis, started to regret not buying the cardigan. Arrrggghhh.
Bought a bossini pink speghetti top, loreal makeup cleanser & a pair of giovanna shoe!
My pocket has burnt a big hole.

Janice never fails to buy glittery shoes. I already had 4 pairs of those. HAHA.


Good night, sweet dreams!

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