25 August 2007


I know i've not been updating these days. & even if i update it's all craps huh.
All i'm seeing these days is bookssss & bookssssss!


Random pics...
That's the mini sized chuppa chup. Not the normal ones lors. Cute!
Rachael got me that little pop! Strawberry flavoured!!!!!!

Never fails to act cute with the lolipop. HAHA.

EEEEEKKK! I look super pale like anything! Like some walking zombies lahs!

But i love this pic alot. [i know my stupid big hand is a spoiler]

I have not been sleeping good lors. So pimples & zits kept popping out to say hi.
Stupid lahs!
Oh ya. There's campus superstar final tonight. *wweeeeettt* MUST WATCH!

I have recorded some songs sang by myself. Trying to compile them into 10 songs &
burn it out in a cd. Still not done yet lahs, just recorded like 4 or 5 songs?
Yes, i admit i'm a retarded. But let me dream being a superstar wouldn't die right! Aiyo.

Anyway, got to go for some mum's friend house-warming. Must listen to the
aunties talking then i sian till can rot there. Lame shit man.
Sometimes i don't understand why am i so obedient everytime. Because my parents are FREAKS!

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