16 August 2007




Pics taken 2 days ago =))

The scandals...

Kisses from him..
& Kisses from me...

Jerald has a comic boy-look.

& that's super white me after photoshopped.

Presenting to you the birthday girl, YingXian.

She with her "birthday cake" (just one pathetic slice specially for her)

The Puma Jacket we got for her.

Birthday girl & I!!

That sweetie bought this pretty cupcake for us online.
& this is mine! OMG, so pretty & yummy alright!

Our bill at crystal jade for 6.

It's my turn to camwhore!

Pardon me for editing those pic, i really look sucky that day lahs.
I've got like only powder on my face & nothing else.


Was so concentrate in class until we got distracted & started camwhoring..

I think my hand looks long & abnormal here. HAHA.

Both my sis kisses me! Shy~

Kylie & Me.

DESMOND!! So you miss your big name on my blog?
Why you always..... grr!

He spoilt Winson's pen & the ink spilled the whole table, on the worksheets & my hand.
Look at my bag lahs! You lucky it didn't spilled on my clothe, if not i'll come chasing
you with a chopper!

Pretty Kylie likes my hp's cam.

& people, we took neoprints!
The machine wasn't that fab, it doesn't beautify our skintone,
but then we still look nice!!

I've entertained you guys with so many pretties, & i need to get going soon & mug on my books.
So when i'll be back blogging?
Depends on how interesting my life lors.
Hmmms. I'm always wondering on this questions.
' Who actually are my blog-readers?? '

JANICE! In case you guys miss me!


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