15 August 2007

random rants

My goodness! i woke up at 2pm today lahs.
& just a few minutes ago my 'big aunt' came, that's the cause for why i'm so tired.

Luckily today no school arhs. HA! Talking about school...
Raynard & Rachael got together! So sweet can! Walk here walk there both holding so
tight like will lost one another like that.
If i weren't to ask Rach, i would have to wait till i saw them so intimitate then i'll know.
It's ok lors, they wouldn't fill me up with anything one lahs. I'll always be the last to find out anything.

My class guys is so lovely lahs, i felt the love from them.
Them? Oh, so i am the more fortunate one who receive many many love rather then one isn't it?

Look at my hair now,

It sucks alot right?? This is how i look without all the treatment, lotion,creams... on my hair.
Ok. My hair is really dying soon. Don't agitate me, or you'll find me chopping them super short
one day.

Hey hey, here's my virgin tatoo!

How is it?? I know green looks so beng-ish lahs. HAHA.

Okok. This is not real tatoos lahs, i wouldn't be that dumb to made a tatoo.
I think i will regret for sure. It's painful too.
I drew it on my hand with pilot ink pens. Mixed green & blue for the fillings of the heart,
& black for the outline to make it look real. HAHAHA.

You know what, i had a neighbour at my block is a post-women.
She rings on my doorbell at 10 in the night to pass me my shopping loot.
& she told me that i could just go to her house to check out on any items i supposed to collect.
So that makes thing more convenient when i shop online.
It is as though i hired my personal postman. Ha!

My top bought at SHOPLAHS arrived.

I like this alot lahs. It cost me $17??
Looks damn too cute when you wear it. HAHA.

I wore it to bmc yesterday, & they went like...
"Going orchard arhs? You look as if you gonna sell clothes at town."
LOL. I know it's siao to wear so cute to school, but i'm going out straight mahs.
So... yeahs.

This is so complicated now. I don't know what's the situation either.
Feel like talking things out with him :(
Janice janice, where have your courage gone to??
RAHSS! 烦啊! 烦啊!

I'm getting tired of my blog song. So clubbing style.

Sorry but this post is so so random.
At least i made the effort to blog, so YOU shall TAG TAG TAG!!!

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