28 August 2007


wu wu~

they locked me alone with all the lights off in class.
fyi my class had huge mirrors on the wall.
i scream & shout like anything, ANDDDDD i went
yes, cry lors. i ccrrriiieeeddd ok. if not they wouldn't let me out.

not because i was locked then i scare ok,
is because the guys scare me with horror stories first &
then they locked me.
so you understand how scared am i now?

i'm super scared of those thingy de, especially this month.

for scaring me so badly, i made the guys send me home.
yes, to my doorsteps again lahs. what's the point of sending me
home when the main problem is i'm scare of taking lifts alone.
i don't know why, but i'm bloody scare of my blk's lift!

okok. the guys are such a sweetie afterall =))

My sinful indulgence...

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