26 August 2007


Awwwww. Shawny is the overall campus superstar!
Kind of speechless lahs, cos Benjamin actually sings better last night.
But shawn won? HAHA.
I voted 1 each for Shawny, Benjamin & Keely. Not for Zhengning.
Don't like her lahs. =P

Met Jerald to take books from him in the noon. Then ate Sakae with parents.
Oh i saw that blogger Geraldine(diney) while shopping at Tiong Bahru Plaza.
LOL. Funny funny.
Headed Orchard & shopped.

Mummy bought me this:
It's good for pimples, & it cost $70 over for these 2 thingy!!!

I bought this bag at fareast. Nice?

Bought white&blue belts & a necklace. Cost me 30 over dollars.

I love myself lahs!

Ok. I updated!


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