17 September 2007

birthdays madness

Finally i've got time to blog!

14-9-07~ JANELLE'S 17th birthday!
15-9-07~ CHONGYINN's 18th birthday!
16-9-07~ DADDY's ___ birthday!
(Lee Kuan Yew's too)
18-9-07~ KYLIE's 18th birthday!
28-9-07~ DESMOND's 18th birthday!
(OMG. 18 only? HAHA)

So as u can see.... all the dates are so close to each other.
&&& that means i'll be busy celebrating. Can you imagine how tight my budget is on SEP?!
Pls pls people, can don't born on sep anot? HAHA!

I didn't make it on CY's celebration cos he's celebrating at 14, which Janelle is having
celebration too. So.... of cos i'll go Janelle's one lahs!
But kind of guilty not turning up for CYs =(

Anyway, some of us had a sleepover at Janelle's hotel room on her bday celebration.
Clubbing that night was hell fun fun fun! We girls enjoyed =))
I hope Janelle enjoyed too?

I got a piece of good news to myself, or perharps Janelle too!
I know how to put fake lashes already! My god! Pretty!

Now the bad news, I lost my mascara! I think the girls took it without noticing.
DAMN IT! I can't live go out without mascara!
& i finished my eyeliner. FFFIIIISSSSHHHH!

My shopping list:

White glitter eyeliner
Eye lash glue
Fake lashes!

Pic-blog will be up soon!

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