24 September 2007



Thankfully, i've recovered.
HAHA! Sorry to have make you guys disgusted. I'm so sorry, seriously.
But yeahs, i have phobia on mooncakes now. I know Lantern Festival is tml!

Done with my papers, & they were badly done for sure. F*ck care lahs.
Slept most of the time at home cos i was seriously too weak the last weekend.....
Sooooo that's the reason for not studying.
Okok. No more excuses for myself, i should have been studying since the early year not NOW.

Rejected Janelle ytd but decided to meet her today. Don't say i not good lahs!
LOL. We bought fake lashes again! Yay!
Accompanied her go cut her hair, & she kept whining it being short after that.
Jason didn't cut alot lors, but it does look abit shorter lahs. (That's the point of cutting hair!)
HAHA. She's supposed to meet some friend & we waited while eating at mac.
We called Yingxian out cos she's just living the block opposite =))
Chilled & chatted until my aunt is chasing me home. Since then, it was already 9plus.
Omg lors, the friend took the whole afternoon till even night to come out of the house?
Wasted our day away & that friend even asked Janelle to go home. Even me also think
it's unreasonable can!

Shit!!! My friendster gets mad on me.
I can't reply messages.....!!! Looking at those sweet little messages do brighten my day :)

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