30 September 2007

desmond's birthday

The long expired post of 28/09/07~

The day when Desmond turns ONLY 18! HAHA!

Kylie's & my falsies!
Mine is glittered, those white substances are not dust ok, it's glitter!

So Kylie came to JP to get her damn high high heels & changed to it, cos the high heels she's wearing hurts alot.

Saw cutie Nim in the toilet, exchanged a few word & rushed to pee. Ha!
We then headed to Far East, that kylie wanted to go long ago.
& guess what, we bumped onto Leon lahs, & he was with Fidelis. He smiled to me so i sort of waved back. &&&&& that Fidel's eyes is so filled with sense of unhappiness
staring big at me. Pls lors!

Bought one-sliced cake for Des, cos i predict the others don't wanna eat, but then they wanted lors. Never say earlier -.-
Ok, i forgot to take pics of it. & it is already squashed up by the time we took it out.
But Desmond still make an effort to finish it up. Touched touched.

I swear we cam-whored alot, like really alot lors.
But didn't take much candid though, too busy to drink then to take pics luhs.

Inside Mondo,

Kylie & Janice,

Candids at Cine's foodcourt,

Inside Cine's toilet,

Talking about Cine, i saw Janelle's bunch of Cine's peeps. That Elson smiled to me
so i just waved back lors.

Waited for that Zhong hao to be off from work at Heeren, i swear we sweared
& cursed like mad about him lahs. Freaking long man. BAHS!

Hey, it's chong yinn wearing Kylie's slipper. Oh, did i mentioned Kylie wore
her new high heels? The heels got mad on her & she bought another slipper.
She in her bag was 2 pairs of high heels. Crazy huh???

Winson, the gentlemen who never fails to be my beloved body guard.
Although he's like so skinny & don't think he can handle anything heavier then a feather.

In the safra pub,

Tell me he look freaking 20 please!

Desmond will kaobei me for this! He's been begging me real bad not to post it up.
I personally think is not bad taken for a candid arhs.

Zhong hao, & birthday boy Desmond.

We had 2 bottles of Chivas, & 2 jars of beer.
Head was already heavy when these pics were taken. That is the first night i actually
tried bottoms up about 5 cups of coke chivas & 1 & 1/2 glass of beer. Winson helped
to drink on my place for like 2 times, when he himself couldn't tahan beer. Silly!

Oh, not to mention Desmond. He's already downstairs after Michelle(his ex) kept
bottoms up with him. Still say want challenge me. *roll eyes*

Finally the group photo of the BMCians,
take note: *look at me, i look as if i'm leaning on Winwin huh? Kylie look
as if she landed her head on Cy's shoulder, & Cy look as if he's hugging Kylie
from the back. OMG!
But pls, we really did not lean or land on one another
lahs. Purely angle effects*

The one in blue is the bar girl over there,

I love them. Yes, love!

This is Zhong hao, the one we waited damn long for, & the one Kylie & i feel like throwing
our high heels on. xD

Do we look as if we are friends? Or even know each other long ago?
HAHA! Newly made friend lors.
He suggested we should take pics. So yeahs, take lahs.

At last, it's my time to camwhore.
Don't worry, i combined all together

Kylie is a naughty girl. She doesn't want to go home. So she stayed over at my house.
Cabbed to my house with Winson & we suddenly felt hungry lahs.
Winwin & his coffee kakis is going for a drink, so we tagged along. & i finally get to see
Wan er'. HAHA. He walked us back to my house again. It's damn far man.
Can't imagine him walking without cursing me everytime. LOL!

It's the first time people actually stayed over at my house i think. We're back at bout'
4plus midnight had heart to heart talk all the way till 7plus on the morning.
Slept for awhile & she had to prepare to go back at 12pm. Damn shagged!

Chong yinn forgot to take his mp3 back from me! & Winwin didn't take $$ from
my wallet. He's like paying the bill & cab fare for me. HE IS DRUNK MAN.

F! This entry is long. I took hours to edit them & do up this post.
Pls appreciate it by tagging. Thanks!

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