09 September 2007

exclusive updates

Pardon me for not blogging for soooooooo many days!

Lots of events do take place. Like being bullied again! &&& this time round i'm fumming mad.
A-N-G-R-Y with them. We're ok now though.
Anyway, a shopping trip with yingxian, where i bumped onto preciousJANELLE, audrey, steph&bf,.....
& i went for a talk by Universe Beauty with the invitation of TKS N SONS Pte Ltd =))
So i'm now gonna update on that lahs.

I know you guys missed my pictures alot right??
HAHA. Say 'YES'!

Alright. The talk was ok, a little boring though. Was so tired out after the whole talk.
Cos i'm suppose to like seat up straight & smile & be polite for that whole event.
&&& that huge tiara of mine is heavy! Tiring can! HAHA.

Get to met some of the contestants for Miss Singapore World, & some are familiar faces!
Wow, i've got more fellow mates now. Will be there to support them whenever i can (:
Looking at pretties is one of my hobbies xD

Never ever did i put up pictures of me with my tiara.
This is the 1st time i'm doing it! Do appreciate, & yes, its ME!
Don't be that shock lors.

In cabbie...

I love this, a lil kitten-look-alike. HAHA.

Here comes the exclusive ones:

The makeup artist who did some touchup for me.


Posing for you.

Group photo. Lovess~

Try to spot me!

With some of the contestants. (blurred)

Was given their product, LA SPLASH's lipgloss,eyeliner& mascara.
A complimentary facial treatment or some body massage for aged 21 & above =((

A little advertorial here as i've promised to them:


I'm sure most girl's dream is to be in a pageant & win themselves a title.
Let it fufil & not just a dream! TKS N SONS Pte Ltd is a place where they gave you
oppotunities to showcase yourselves & your hidden talents.
Well, you don't need to be extremely pretty to be in a pageant. Like me, i'm not (:
Inner beauty, confidents, talents is what you must have.

TKS N SONS Pte Ltd organised many different Universal pageants in Singapore,
as well as International World pageant.
From Petites to even MRS, kids as young as 4 & mummies up to 60?? could join the pageants.
Overall winners could also have the chance to represent Singapore to other countries for
International pageants!

For more info, pls click:

Hope to see you there!

It's getting late, shall end this post here.
Will be working for Janelle's dad at SIM canteen tomorow.
I'm selling yogurts at promotional prices! Students there pls pls buy from me ;P


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