21 September 2007


RAHHSSS! Another last paper to go!

I'm feeling pretty dead these few days, although Kylie & i went Bugis street yesterday.
You must be thinking, "crazy people, kept going bugis st not sian mehs?"
I admit it's damn sian, & there's nothing i need to buy actually. I don't wanna be a bugis ah-lian!
& Kylie can spent like mad in a short short shopping day. Like $80+?
LOL. We had Sakae buffet, i ate alot but still doesn't satisfy me -.-

Anyway, bought 2 fake lashes. & its pretty!
I've been wearing falsies these few days. Die lahs, i'm getting addicted already.
Next time you see me shopping is looking for fake lashes. HAHA.

Met my parents at Chinatown & went walk walk. Cheena freaks.
So as we were walking, i suddenly remembered there's the 有话就说 Come on, let's shoot
talking about blogging lahs.
I quickly rush my parents home to catch the repeat telecast. First time they would listen to
me cause they wanna see Xiaxue too.
HA! My parents also know who is Xiaxue ok.

Apparently, i think the show was....... (no idea to use which metaphor or idioms).
I agree that Xiaxue is a little too attention seeking. I don't see a need to shoot other people
is that nasty way as she f*cking know her blog is viewed by 10 over thousands of people.
Selfish yeahs. Ha!

My personal opinion is perhaps, blog is one's own space to drop down something they wanted,
to be exactly, they are allowed to blog about anything.
As a blog-reader, whether you like or not is your choice. Like then read, don't like just don't
ever go back to that site again lahs. Aiyo!
&&& blogs that had advertisements on doesn't mean it is commercialised & unreal ok.
My blogs have ads too! But isn't me still blogging my boring daily life. Bahs.
Partially is because i'm not earning big money, in fact haven't even got paid for them, thats
why i don't kills tons of braincells just to decide what to blog (or shoot nasty comments
to others).
Yes, we need hits alot, it is indeed kind of happy to know people is noticing you. LOL.

Hey hey! I found my blog-reader recently. I wonder if they're looking at this.
I clicked one of the nuffnang link & happened to look under their "other blogs i read".
I saw the name Janice, i hover my mouse over to see which Janice is such a big f*ck lahs,
& surpringly i saw the link popped out was 'thatgirl-janice.blogspot.com' !
HAHA. So i have blog readers too! *Woohoo*

Fancy getting arrogant over this. Bad bad.
Don't worry, me is still me lahs =))

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