26 September 2007

happy day, mum&dad

it's my parent's wedding aniversary & my dad's lunar birthday today!
imagine them in the hotel getting married don't know how many donkey years ago,
without me in this pathetic world.
LOL. they forgotten how many anniversary themselves too.

supposingly, dinner was at some resturant. but mummy suddenly moodswing don't
wanna go. so we settled at jp's bentobox. *roll eyes*

ordered these:




fugly me.

i painted my nails to this. HAHA!
pls don't remind me of that little red bean. i know it's short.

if you guys have been noticing well enough, i did not use any capital letters in this whole
post. unless for the 'HAHA' & 'LOL'.
that's because i'm like too lazy to hold on the shift button. yeahs. LOL. lame huh.

ok, i'm yawning & blogging at the same time.
gtg soon, i guess.

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