13 September 2007


Look! Chong Yinn drew Eunice!

Cute hors? I think it looks super like her lors. Anyway, it's a HER. =)

By the way, i chopped my fringe! && i look like some fool now.
Many many many many, in fact all of them warned me not to touch my fringe,
they say i look good with it. But..... itchy butt me went Kimage with Kylie & cut.
My god luhs, i look YOUNG now. Like a kid. Not abit like 17 can!
&&& JE Kimage sucks, don't ever go there people!

This is how we look now:

Kylie's pretty today, but her previous fringe makes her much much prettier.

Bought donuts again lahs~
IMM's za-ba-lang donut. Super sweet arhs! Not that fab.

YOHOO! Will overnight at Janelle's hotel tomorrow night.
Party to highness!

I know lots of SEP's babies, so it can easily spent away my 2 day's pay just on presents lors!
My pockets has big big holes now =(

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