17 September 2007

super long celebration for Janelle


My class ends at 4pm that day & rushed like mad back home, & headed to cityhall.
It's not easy rush with a big big bag of present & a fat bag ok. Reached at bout 6:05pm.

Dining at Sakae was a treat by the birthday girl. She's sponsoring $170. Cool huh.
We ordered like alot lahs, && bills comes outs only $168+. Lucky didn't exceed luhs.

I ordered this! No lahs, we shared ok.

Some of the girls, SOME only. There's like 11 of us?

This is suppose to be a candid, but look at Jerald!

She's talking to me, but who knows what's the weird pose she's doing. LOL!

My kakis! Loves them the most lors!

My trademark.

Birthday cakes by the kakis!

Cake cutting session:
Belows are some pics that are really ENTERTAINING.

She's so RED after 5-10-all !

Night time is Clubbing time. We spent almost an hour dolling up ourselves.
Uber thick makeups on us. For me is uber uber thick eyeliners & lashes.
Super dolly looking i tell u!

The girls in black!
I swear it's purely coincidence that we all wore black!

Clubbing is FUN! But you must be open enough for the fact that guys there do touch.
Was dancing at the dance floor most of the time. & kanna stroke by some perverts
don't know how many umteen times. EEEEEEWW.
Leon would act as a spoiler there, so he would help us by dancing with us instead of
letting other guys had the chance. Ha!
My girls do help alot too lahs, we helped each other.
That fcuker who stroke me still cheers with me! Of cos i'll just smile & drink.
Another one is more scary, they are a sofa in front of us. They ask me down from the
dance floor to drink with him. Siao! Of cos i smile & reject lors.
Then i saw him outside the toilet, & he asked me to drink with him again.
This time round i was scared lahs! Rejected again. LOL. Chuhong, Chein Juen heard that
too. My god!
I shall say, if you don't know how to take care of yourselves, don't go club =)
Anyway, bumped onto Angeline. So coincidence she was there too!

The group picture.

My love.

Ok. Janelle is DAMN DEAD DRUNK that night. She don't know how crazy she is lahs.
Super unglam!

In Leon's car, i might look ok here.
But i'm like can't balance myself much already.

I admit i was little drunk, perharps tipsy. It's more serious then my birthday.
&&&& i found out that...... I PEE ALOT WHEN I'M DRUNK!
Totally was rushing to the toilet over 10 times that night. Was so drunk till couldn't walk
straight. Stayed in Leon's car while they went to take away some food. Cos i know i
can't walk lahs! I actually called && rush them back cos i was having high tide. LOL!

I miss squeezing in this comfy bed!

This post is friggin' looonnnngggg luhs!

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